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No more nasty surprises with the mechanical processing of your letters: play it safe before every bulk mailing by getting an «OK to print» from our Swiss Post specialists.

We shall be pleased to assist you in preparing your advertising mailings and correspondence. No-one has a better knowledge of the design guidelines for letters or of the specifications required by fully automated letter-sorting machines in terms of formats, weights and materials.

Enquiries by contact form

 Please send us your template using the contact form

Enquiries submitted by 2 pm will be checked and receive a response the same day. Enquiries received later will also be processed as quickly as possible and you can count on receiving our response within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).

Enquiries by post

If you submit a written enquiry by post, you will receive your «OK to print» within 2 to 3 days of the arrival of the test letter.

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