A tag as a sales hook

More attention and impact with ClipOn Mail

A charitable organization uses an unconventional marketing tactic to draw more attention to its message.

The aim:

In a fiercely competitive market for donations to charities, a charitable organization wants to make a memorable impression. An innovative mailing concept has been requested. It wants a strong eyecatcher to attract attention and cause people to think more deeply about its message.

The solution:

Normally, giveaways are packaged and sent in a suitable envelope. This customer, however, wants to try a completely new approach and attach the gadget to the exterior of the envelope. Swiss Post plays along. It distributes the unusual mailing as reliably and punctually as any normal standard item.

The benefits:

Implementing this unconventional idea proves a worthwhile investment. The much greater level of attention that the ClipOn Mail attracts results in significantly more responses to the campaign. What's more, it enhances the image of the charitable organization.