A sweet surprise

Using a heart to win hearts and minds

A charitable organization surprises companies with an original, festive gift idea.                      

The aim:

Companies are to give their customers a festive gift. A sample of the heart-shaped boxes containing freshly-baked Christmas biscuits and order forms is intended to persuade them of this idea. Part of the proceeds will go towards funding the organization's work.

The solution:

Swiss Post handles all the logistics involved in implementing the plan. It collects the boxes of Christmas biscuits from the bakeries and delivers them to the recipients. The boxes are presented in person to the decision-makers at the companies in question.

The benefits:

The contact people experience the effect of the original gift idea for themselves. The heart-shaped box of freshly-baked Christmas biscuits is well-received. Thanks to the complete logistical service provided by Swiss Post, the time-intensive campaign does not cause any inconvenience for the customer.