Conditions for B Mail bulk mailings

Conditions for B Mail bulk mailings

Things to note

Certain conditions must be met to ensure that your dispatch orders with B Mail bulk mailings can be processed correctly. The most important requirements at a glance:

Minimum quantity

The prices apply to 350 or more items from the same price category (e.g. standard letters) which are handed in at the same time. The items must also have the same sender.

Requirements for the format B Mail postcard

Light perforations may be used, provided that they do not affect mechanized processing. However, postcards may not have any folds or protruding parts. Postcards may be laminated or lacquered on one side, but not on the address side. The layout requirements for the address, advertising and coding areas apply.

Paper weight:

Format     Paper weight
Up to A5 At least 120 g/m2
A6/5 At least 150 g/m2
A5 At least 170 g/m2
B5 At least 200 g/m2


Items must be handed in by the regular counter closing time of the acceptance point. The opening times and deadlines for accepting mail are decisive for the services offered.

Acceptance points

  • Post offices throughout Switzerland
  • For larger volumes: all Swiss Post letter and logistics centres