Document output

Document output

Secure output solutions with added benefits

As well as providing information, customer documents also convey a certain image. Take advantage of Swiss Post's efficient solutions and optimize your data management and document printing. Use your customer documents to strengthen customer loyalty and minimize your postage costs.

We will prepare your documents individually and send transaction-based documents to your customers in a marketing-oriented and timely fashion. We offer a wide range of services:

  • Data preparation, layout, production, postage optimization
  • Production and mailing of transaction documents
  • TransPromo & white space marketing for effective cross and up-selling
  • Process-based portal solutions for customer-initiated dialogue (print-on-demand)

We can handle your entire document management process and offer you advice on document output management processes.

Security standards are on a par with those of Swiss banks and guarantee very high processing security. Benefit from our years of experience and modern, high-performance print centres to lower your business costs.

With Swiss Post's reliable document output management, you can also boost customer retention.