Additional services for PRIORITY letters


PRIORITY Plus includes the electronic Track & Trace service. This enables you to see the current status of your mail on your computer screen at any time, so you can stay abreast of its progress. PRIORITY Plus mail items are given an even higher level of priority than PRIORITY mail items. PRIORITY Plus mail is not registered and is delivered without a signature from the recipient. PRIORITY Plus cannot be combined with registered post, return receipts or personal delivery. Please note that PRIORITY Plus is not available in all countries. To find out which countries the PRIORITY Plus additional service is available in, please see International information.


You can send addressed PRIORITY letters using our registered post service to countries all over the world. We will give you a receipt when you post these items. The maximum compensation that can be received for registered post that is lost or damaged is CHF 150. Post must be registered in order to use return receipt and personal delivery. However, it is not possible to combine the registered post service with PRIORITY Plus.

Return receipt

When a registered item of post is delivered, the recipient or a person authorised according to the legislation of the destination country signs also the return receipt. We then send this document back to you. The return receipt additional service is available for all countries.

Personal delivery

Choosing the personal delivery additional service means that your registered item of post will only be handed over to a specific recipient. To find out the countries in which the personal delivery service can be used without restriction, or in which it can only be used in combination with the return receipt service, please see International information.

For more information, please see our brochure. If you have any questions, please contact your customer adviser or our customer service.

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