Track & Trace


Which consignments can be tracked using Track &Trace?

All shipment types and destination countries for "  Track consignment Standard (PDF, 203 KB)".

The electronic system Track & Trace is available in many foreign postal institutions. You may find more details about the status of your shipment on it.


Why are the consignment data not fully available?

Track & Trace is only available for certain products to certain countries, see "Which consignments can be tracked using Track & Trace?"

We are keen to expand the T&T service to other products and countries and are working with our partners to conclude the necessary agreements.


When can I see the first data about my consignment?

The first data are available on the same day.

How often are the data updated?

Data for international consignments are updated hourly.

How long do the data remain available?

Consignment data are available online for six months after mailing.