Direct marketing International

Direct marketing International

International market success through direct communication

Direct marketing is the most efficient way of gaining new customers and retaining existing ones in international markets.

Direct marketing allows you to align your communication concepts with the needs of specific target groups, and address your target audience using personalised and individual messages. It also means you can deploy your financial resources precisely where they are needed and stay informed about your current position, since direct marketing enables you to measure the success of the measures you have put in place. The response you receive gives you valuable information about the needs and behaviour of your target audience, allowing you to optimise the services you offer and send your audience messages that speak to them on an even more personal level.

By choosing Swiss Post as your partner, you will be able to harness direct marketing strategies that quite literally know no boundaries. With our varied range of services, solutions and tools, we can provide you with comprehensive and professional support when it comes to dealing with your target markets around the world.

A joint venture between Swiss Post and France’s La Poste

    The classic promotional mailing is and remains an efficient and effective direct marketing tool.
  •  “Bulk mailing” letters
    With our “bulk mailing” service, you can benefit from favourable conditions when sending mailshots in quantities of 500 or more in a single batch to destinations abroad.
  •  Marketing Mail Professional
    Marketing Mail Professional offers a particularly cost-effective way of gaining and retaining customers internationally.
  •  Unaddressed Mail
    Tap into new customer segments in international markets using unaddressed mailshots.
  •  Response
    Significantly increase the rate of return by enclosing a prefranked response element.
  •  Additional services/Tools
    Tapping into areas of potential in international markets takes preparation.
  •  Industry solutions
    With its industry-specific solutions, Swiss Post enables companies in the areas of publishing and media, distance selling, finance and tourism to focus on their core business.
  •  Contact/advice
    Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions; phone, e-mail or FAQ.