International AddressCleaning

A must for Direct Marketing

Your mailings are important, and therefore it is important that these arrive correctly to your customers. In order to improve contacts with business partners and customers and also to minimize unnecessary costs and risks owing to incorrect addresses a tried-and-tested expert is now available to help: the Swiss Post International AddressCleaning service. Regardless of what your addresses currently look like – we and our partner AddressDoctor can get them in shape.

Correct Addresses: The key to new customers

Clearly defined target groups and qualified addresses are the key to success for acquiring new customers in different countries. Up-to-date addresses minimize waste circulation considerably and reduce the costs involved in targeting new customers.

Our package

In cooperation with AddressDoctor we offer the following services:

  • check and correct your addresses
  • remove duplicates from your database
  • supply you with the new address following relocation

Practice Tested – Many Direct Marketing Specialists can no longer envisage conducting their campaigns without the help of International AddressCleaning …

"The AddressCleaning provided the occasion to analyze the entire address database. In this way, out-of-date and undeliverable addresses could be identified and then corrected or eliminated. 20 percent of all the addresses turned out to be no longer relevant and were deleted. The online service of Swiss Post International AddressCleaning and AddressDoctor will help us to maintain the quality standard now achieved at low cost." - Walter Buschta / Database Marketer at Interhome AG -

Special Offer Available Now

Try out our free welcome offer to verify 250 international addresses.

This service is currently unavailable. Please contact your customer advisor or Customer Service International on 0800 888 100 for more information.

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