Customer acquisition and retention

Customer acquisition and retention

The right tool for every objective

Set yourself apart from the competition by targeting specific customers, offering tailored support and rewarding loyalty. Successful dialogue marketing enables you to win market shares and consolidate your customer relationships in the long term.

As a specialist in result-oriented customer dialogue, Swiss Post offers financial service providers a wide range of products, services and end-to-end solutions for efficient marketing. Reap the benefits of tried-and-tested, secure system solutions in every area.

Customer acquisition and retention

  • Tools for planning international campaigns (e.g. International HolidayCalendar)
  • Address procurement and correction
  • Dispatch preparation and worldwide delivery of direct mailings
  • Value-added services to increase response rates
  • Telesales for customer care and sales (inbound and outbound)
  • Solutions for efficient response management

Loyalty marketing

  • Design and development of CRM-based customer loyalty programmes
  • Bonuses and rewards for the success-oriented management of customer behaviour and to reward loyalty
  • Payment cards and couponing to boost customer retention
  • Planning, development and running of customer club solutions

Value, payment and credit cards

  • Production of payment, value and credit cards in compliance with maximum security standards at all process levels
  • Reliable and secure delivery of cards to your customers worldwide
  • Independent, SEPA-compliant chip card operating system JACOS® for bank and credit cards with the option of linking up to loyalty programmes

Thanks to Swiss Post's dialogue solutions, you can tap into new customer potential and boost your retention of existing customers. Customer loyalty programmes and exclusive customer clubs require little effort to develop and run, yet enable you to target specific customers based on up-to-date data on customer behaviour.