Export: Customs/VAT


Where can I find a list of import/export restrictions?

This information can be found under  Traffic restrictions

Where can I find a list of unauthorised contents?

This information can be found at  Import restrictions

Where can I find information about sending special contents or hazardous materials?

This information can be found under  Forwarding and import restrictions

How can cash be sent abroad securely by post?

It is prohibited to send cash by (uninsured) post. In the event of loss or theft, Swiss Post International does not accept any liability.
(Swiss Post General Terms and Conditions “Postal Services”, sections 2.6 and 4.4.2)

To transfer money abroad, please use a PostFinance product such as PostCash, PostGiro, Western Union, etc. Information on these products can be obtained directly from the PostFinance hotline or the e-mail address specified below:


According to Track & Trace our export item is currently being held at the foreign customs office. Why has the item not been delivered?

Often items are held at a local customs office in the destination country because the recipient is responsible for customs clearance, or because the content declaration does not contain sufficient information.

In such cases, the recipient is normally notified by Customs. If this does not happen, the recipient can contact his post office or the responsible customs office directly.

If this still does not produce the desired outcome, or if the recipient does not know which customs office to call, please contact us. We will then ask the foreign postal administration for more detailed information and will be able to clarify how the recipient should proceed.


When can the Swiss Federal Customs Administration’s electronic assessment decision be waived for exports?

The electronic assessment decision can be waived when exporting items that are not subject to any permit obligations and have a value of up to CHF 1,000. In such cases, companies registered with the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA) can, as legal entities liable for VAT, prove the export to the FTA by providing the dispatch list / dispatch receipt from Swiss Post and the relevant business documents (e.g. order, invoice copy, delivery contract, payment slip).

What is an electronic assessment decision?

An electronic assessment decision is proof of export issued by the Federal Customs Administration in the form of an electronic document for goods exported from Switzerland. The electronic assessment decision is the electronic counterpart of the current paper export customs clearance document.


Where and as of when does the electronic assessment decision come into effect?

As of 1 November 2010, the sender will receive proof of export for exported goods consignments exclusively in the form of the electronic assessment decision.  Physical customs export certificates are no longer provided.

Who is entitled to an electronic assessment decision?

The conditions associated with the entitlement to an electronic assessment decision are identical to those of the physical export customs clearance document.

All companies liable to tax in Switzerland and Liechtenstein are fundamentally entitled to an electronic assessment decision.

In addition, the electronic assessment decision is only issued for goods exported via the postal channel and worth more than CHF 1,000 or goods subject to export permission.


For which postal products is the electronic assessment decision available?

The electronic assessment decision will replace the export customs clearance document. For the following products, an electronic assessment notice is available:

  • PRIORITY and ECONOMY letters
  • PostPac International PRIORITY and ECONOMY
  • GLS parcels

During the course of the year, the URGENT Business, TNT Express and small consignments mailing solutions from PostLogistics will also make the transition.


As a sender of an international letter or parcel consignment, where and how can I obtain the electronic assessment decision to which I am entitled?

In principle, there are three ways to acquire an electronic assessment decision?

  1. As a download at  www.post.ch/evv
  2. Via e-mail (only for PostPac International exports and only if the waybill was created using one of the electronic tools from Swiss Post International and the sender’s e-mail address has been expressly entered)
  3. Order via postal customs clearance customer service (by phone or e-mail: this is the only option for non-registered letters).

What is the procedure for obtaining an electronic assessment decision at www.post.ch/evv ?

To acquire an electronic assessment decision for exported goods, users must first enter their consignment number and postcode in order to log in. They can then download their electronic assessment decision and save it on their own IT system and print it out if necessary.

As of when and for how long is an electronic assessment decision available?

Electronic assessment notices are generally provided within two working days of the export. The electronic assessment decision is then either available to download or is forwarded to the sender by e-mail.

Electronic assessment decisions are made available to the sender at  www.swisspost.ch/evv for three months after export and can be downloaded as many times as required.


Who should I contact if I need an electronic assessment decision for good exported more than three months ago?

If the goods were exported more than three months ago, please contact the postal customs clearance customer service team. You will then be provided with the requested electronic assessment decision, subject to an administrative fee.