Say it with scent

A service centre steps on the gas

The service centre of a motoring association promotes its vehicle testing services through a spectacular campaign.

The aim:

The motoring association wants to make car owners aware of the vehicle tests at its regional test centres, while at the same time enhancing its image as a highly efficient service organization.

The solution:

Swiss Post distributes flyers bearing the slogan "Does your car still smell like new?" to around 23,000 letterboxes. A pouch adorned with a scented logo hangs from the letterbox opening, arousing curiosity. This element cannot be missed. Even people with "no advertising" stickers on their letterbox notice it.

The benefits:

The unique scented logo is an eyecatcher and an original giveaway. The advertising campaign arouses interest in the vehicle testing services and generates visitors. Furthermore, it has a longer-term impact as an image-promoting measure.