Address data maintenance

Address data maintenance

MAT[CH] address management for correct addresses

Swiss Post offers business customers a broad range of services for address management. The various services and tools cover all needs relating to address database management.

Correct addresses are key to approaching customers and interested parties in a targeted manner. Address maintenance services simplify structuring and cleaning address databases of any size.

  • Comprehensive services for structuring and maintaining address data
  • Three services: address master data, address cleaning, address solutions
  • Nearly all private addresses in Switzerland and in the Principality of Liechtenstein
  • Switzerland’s latest relocation database
  • All relevant criteria for correct addresses included
  • Address data consistently updated for a high degree of reliability

By using Swiss Post’s address maintenance services and tools, you keep your address data up to date at all times. By using correct and complete addresses, you also eliminate duplicates and reduce returns.

 Use MAT[CH] to increase the success of your direct measures.