Mailings with an integrated envelope

DirectSelfmailers consist of an envelope, letter, brochure and response element all in one. Thanks to a special concept, they can be processed automatically. There is no surcharge for special items. This enables you to save on postage costs.

Do you want to create unconventional mailings with a letter and brochure that guide your recipients directly to a response element? DirectSelfmailers meet these requirements and are cost-effective to produce as well as dispatch.

  • Cost-effective production in one easy process
  • No surcharge for special items, unlike for conventional selfmailers
  • Easy choice of personalization options
  • Folding, press cutting, personalization and individualization options
  • Optional integration of vouchers, response elements, etc.
  • Available for paper weights as of 90 g/m2 (inpayment slips)
  • Cost-effective solution, even for smaller volumes of 50 or more items

Use DirectSelfmailers to send your recipients eye-catching, creative mailings. Benefit from attractively low prices. The all-in-one concept has an element of surprise and will boost response rates.