OnTime Mail

OnTime Mail

Bulk mailings delivered on exact dates

With OnTime Mail, you can ensure that bulk mailings of 10,000 or more items are delivered on specified dates without paying A Mail prices. Choose between two different service levels.

Having your mailings delivered on specific dates gives all your recipients the same chance to respond. This is particularly important in the case of limited offers. Multi-stage mailings dispatched at short intervals can be conducted without any risk of overlap.

  • Delivery timed to arrive on a specific working day (Monday to Friday)
  • Saturday delivery to attract more attention
  • Ideal mailing solution for limited campaigns and multi-stage measures
  • Precise coordination with accompanying measures
  • Accurate planning possible for downstream processes (fulfilment, call centres)

With OnTime Mail, you can choose the delivery dates for your large mailings and save on A Mail postage costs. Enjoy more flexibility when planning your campaigns and ensure that your mailings reach your target groups on specific dates.