Prices for OnTime Mail

Prices for OnTime Mail

Guide prices

The prices for OnTime Mail are based on the type, format and weight of the items, as well as on your chosen service level.

Service options

Two service levels Delivery on a specific working day
(Monday to Friday)
Saturday delivery
Postcard up to B5
1-20 g
CHF 0.55 CHF 0.87
DirectResponse Card
A Mail response
CHF 0.59 CHF 0.91
Standard letter 1)
1-100 g
CHF 0.60 CHF 0.89
Midi letter 2)
101-250 g
CHF 0.85 CHF 1.22
Large letter 1)
1-100 g
CHF 1.06 CHF 1.86
Large letter 2)
101-500 g
CHF 1.19 CHF 1.99
Large letter 3)
501-1,000 g
CHF 1.81 CHF 2.97

Guide prices are per item including VAT. The prices apply to sorted and unsorted items that can be processed as OnTime Mail.


  • Weight-based surcharges
    1)Per 20 g as of 1 g: CHF 0.01
    2)Per 20 g as of 101 g: CHF 0.01
    3)Per 10 g as of 501 g: CHF 0.01
  • Surcharge for special items (e.g. standard letters over 5 mm thick): CHF 0.15 per item (incl. VAT)
  • Surcharge for standard and midi letters over 20 mm and up to 50 mm thick: CHF 1.50 (incl. surcharge for special items, incl. VAT)

Upstream discounts

  • Discounts are offered for upstream services such as pre-sorting items by locality or delivery district and mailing items at a specified letter or logistics centre (location discounts).


  • Customized solutions are offered from an annual turnover of CHF 100,000, depending on individual contractual agreements.
    Your customer advisor will be happy to give you more information.