Conditions for business reply items

Conditions for business reply items

Things to note

Certain conditions must be met to ensure that your dispatch orders with business reply items can be processed correctly. The most important requirements at a glance:


  • Dark print on light paper
  • The recipient's address must be printed inside the specified area (handwritten recipient details are not allowed).
  • In the case of cards and envelopes up to format B5 we recommend that a barcode is printed for A and B Mail. Thickness: 0.8 mm +/– 0.15 mm; contrast: at least 0.7.
  • In the case of A Mail, a 12 mm high, bold A must be printed in the franking area, even if there is a printed A Mail barcode.


Submit a sample to your post office for review prior to printing. In this way you will avoid any surcharges for special items that might otherwise be due.

Format and weight


  • Minimum size 140 x 90 mm
  • Maximum size 353 x 250 mm (B4)
  • Up to max. 1,000 g in weight and 20 mm thick
    Exception: up to size B5 (250 x 176 mm), up to 250 g in weight, up to 50 mm thick


  • Minimum size 140 x 90 mm
  • Maximum size 250 x 176 mm (B5)

Paper weight of cards

Paper weight of cards Size Minimum paper weight
A6 148 x 105 mm 120 g/m2
A6/5 210 x 105 mm 150 g/m2
A5 210 x 148 mm 170 g/m2
B5 250 x 176 mm 200 g/m2


The use of business reply items must be registered at a post office, using a commitment form in which you commit yourself to pay the prices and any surcharges due. You can download the form as a PDF or obtain it from any post office.