Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty Marketing

Customer loyalty through personalized contact and offers.

Set yourself apart from the competition by really getting to know your customers and attending to them personally. With Swiss Post Solutions' CRM and loyalty programmes you can increase customer satisfaction and also take targeted action at critical moments anytime in the customer lifecyle.

Would you like to acquire new customers? Would you like existing customers to have stronger emotional ties to your company? Would you like to increase your turnover through targeted special offers and to reward your customers?

Individual CRM and intelligent lifecycle management

Build up your knowledge of your customers to better orient your marketing activities and product range to customer requirements. Reward your customers, offer them individual added value and an emotional experience with your brand. Integrate social media platforms and mobile devices to communicate with your customers on all channels.

Successful implementation of CRM programmes

We conceptualize, develop, take over or supplement customer loyalty programmes oriented to your requirements:

  • Bonus programmes with points and premiums
  • Payment cards and coupons
  • Exclusive customer clubs
  • Intelligent customer dialogue solutions

Each CRM programme has three elements: programme and process management, customer & business intelligence and IT platform & operations.

As a full service provider we will advise you at the preparatory stage and help you with the development and implementation of the concept. Constant development, monitoring and a flexible IT infrastructure with the appropriate data security guarantee successful operations.

Take advantage of our many years of experience to gradually build up your CRM & loyalty solution and turn occasional buyers into loyal regulars.