Payment Cards & Couponing

Payment Cards & Couponing

Introduce new purchase incentives.

Promote the purchase of particular products with Swiss Post Solutions' Payment Card & Couponing solutions. Intensify your customer relationships through purchases on account and personalized incentives on all channels.

As a full service provider we offer you a number of payment card and couponing solutions in connection with innovative customer loyalty and customer development programmes.

Payment cards:

  • Concept and operation of giftcard programmes (via checkout, payment terminal or online)
  • Complete processing of a wide variety of payment methods (monthly invoice, installment plans, etc.)
  • Voucher management (payout of bonuses)

We will handle all your financial processes including collections. Payment guarantee, risk management and payment risk control are a matter of course.


  • Personalized couponing solutions through various channels (online, offline, inpack, onpack, mobile)
  • Couponing promotions including concept, production, mailing, monitoring, settlement and evaluation

Implement a payment cards & couponing solution oriented to your customers' requirements with us, your strong partner.