Document Output

Document Output Processing

Cost-optimized and efficient transactional printing.

Maximum security standards and adaptability as well as multi-channel output for value-enhancing business processes: With professional document output management by Swiss Post Solutions you can strengthen your customer relationships.

Do you want to improve your customer communication? Do you want the mailing of transaction-based documents such as invoices, reminders, policies, etc. to be integrated in multiple channels?

Multi-channel document output

We will prepare your documents individually and send transaction-based documents to your customers in a marketing-oriented and timely fashion. We cover a variety of services:

  • Data preparation, layout, production, postage optimization
  • Production and mailing of transaction documents
  • Transpromo & white space marketing
  • Process-based portal solutions for customer-initiated dialogue (print-on-demand)

We will take over your entire document management process and advise you in the document output management processes.

A powerful partner with many years of know-how

Our networked locations permit maximum flexibility. Our security standards are on a par with those of Swiss banks and guarantee very high processing security. Lower your business costs with our many years of experience and modern high-performance print centres.

Strengthen your customer retention with reliable document output management by Swiss Post Solutions.