Postage Consolidation

Postage Consolidation

Minimize your mailing costs.

Let us optimize your mailing costs. Our fully automated electronic document processing service makes it possible to optimize postage costs and consolidate postage flexibly for mailing both within Switzerland and abroad.

The standardized and certified software independently determines the shipment formats and weights. It also takes individual specifications into account, e.g. optional enclosures or collective shipments in one envelope or parcel:

  • Automated determination of shipment weights
  • Optimization of mailing costs and compliance with postage cost limits (by bundling items for one recipient in one envelope and adding optional enclosures until the postage limit is reached)
  • Automated selection of best shipment format if weight limits or number of pages are exceeded
  • Creation of the postage statement (dispatch list)

Thanks to end-to-end shipment control, the documentation and mailing of all documents are ensured.

Get the most out of your postage with the postage consolidation solutions of Swiss Post Solutions.