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Certificates & digital Signature

Electronic legally valid signature.

As a CSP recognized all over the world, SwissSign offers all kinds of certificates such as SSL or e-mail certificates via a webshop or as a managed PKI for secure logins and legally valid electronic signatures.

SwissSign's qualified certificates are thus a virtual passport and ballpoint pen in one, enabling you to verify your identity online and sign in a legally valid form. The product range includes SSL certificates for secure webpages and servers, special certificates such as managed PKI and timestamping, and personal certificates for employees and private persons.

SwissSign have many possible uses:

  • As a digital form of identification for secure login to websites, services or PCs
  • As a qualified certificate for legally valid signatures on documents
  • For e-mail signatures
  • For legally recognized signatures on invoices and archives

SwissSign's qualified certificates protect and speed up your digital business processes with simple solutions for unambiguous identification, digital signatures and secure communication.

Order your compatible and trustworthy SwissSign certificates now and make use of the many possibilities in the field of electronic signatures, identification and authentication.