Electronical Archiving

Electronical Archiving

Full access to your data - anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to the electronic archiving of your data and our web client's superior performance, your documents and information are available anywhere and anytime. Ingenious combinations with further services even render the archiving of physical documents entirely superfluous.

We will digitize your documents and data and store them in a legally compliant electronic archive (e-archive). We offer you guaranteed audit compliance throughout the entire archiving process:

  • Joint definition of access and storage requirements
  • Guaranteed reliable access anytime by the authorized group of persons
  • The archived material is subject to our duties of confidentiality and care

The e-archive can be accessed online via our web client or integrated into your applications (ERP, CRM, BPM/Workflow, DMS etc.). Information is therefore ready for retrieval anytime, from anywhere. With document digitization, you no longer have to archive the physical documents.

Digitization and electronic archiving can also be combined with other Swiss Post Solutions services and Swiss Post Group units such as Mailroom, Back Scanning, B2B electronic data exchange, e-bill, e-business solutions, etc.

Eliminate the time-consuming and tedious chore of archiving in dusty file cabinets and opt for an efficient electronic archiving solution.