Kreditoren Rechnungsbearbeitung

Information processing

High decision-making capacity thanks to business intelligence.

Reliable information and performance indicators from stable, digital business processes: with the professional information processing solutions of Swiss Post Solutions you will quickly be able to build up a stable digital information management system and thus valuable competitive advantages.

Would you like to be able to respond quickly and accurately to market changes? Would you like to address the requirements and needs of your customers and business partners quickly and individually?

State-of-the-art technologies and end-to-end quality management

We will already take over your information processing in the mailroom and control the flow of information from mail acceptance to the defined business processes. Your work processes and information management will be analysed and based on these insights, optimized information processing procedures will be developed:

  • Digitization of application forms, policies, complaints, etc., for further processing by manual or automated means
  • Preparation of the information contained in these documents and transfer to further business processes
  • End-to-end quality management with integrated management reporting available online

We operate the defined information processing procedures irrespective of location and with trained staff. We also use automated high-performance scanners and suitable OCR technologies. You therefore do not need to invest in resources or new technologies. You select the location and thus the cost structure: on-site, centrally or near/offshore.

Innovativeness and decades of experience

Our in-depth experience in goods logistics is paying off for us and our information logistics customers. We already offer numerous solutions for the convergence of physical and digital communication.

Increase the transparency of your information and thus your strategic decision-making capacity with us as your innovative and efficient information processing partner.