Digitization of documents that have already been filed.

Thanks to our backscanning solution your documents are digitally archived and therefore available via e-Archive from any location. You transfer the task to a professional and can concentrate on your core business.

We digitize documents already processed and filed and make them available electronically from any location. They can be accessed online via our web client or integrated into your applications (ERP, CRM, BPM/Workflow, DMS etc.). Information is thereby available in an orderly fashion, from anywhere at the same time.

Our backscanning service makes use of a powerful infrastructure, regulated processes and trained staff:

  • Optimum and inexpensive transport to scanning location
  • Preparation, sorting, indexing while respecting data protection regulations
  • Scanning (creation of images in various formats, OCR with extraction)
  • Transfer via FTP server
  • Legally compliant destruction of paper files

Rely on us as your ISO-certified partner. We are subject to the duties of confidentiality and care under postal secrecy and guarantee that we will handle your sensitive documents and data confidentially.