Document Processing

Document processing

The key to a lower error rate.

It is considerably easier to process electronic dockets than paper ones. Raise your level of automation in document processing and eliminate tedious and error-prone manual data entry.

You provide us with the documents either in the form of paper slips or electronic images. We scan your physical documents in and convert them into valid, system-readable data:

  • Extraction of content/information using OCR technology
  • Conversion of scanned documents into system-readable data
  • Automated validation of data using reference data, directories etc., for high accuracy. In the event of insufficient validity the data are corrected by our data entry team
  • Transfer into downstream systems

Thanks to the high level of automation, certain documents can be processed without the use of human resources. This lowers the error rate tremendously. The systems used are also very scalable and can therefore handle large peaks quickly and easily.

Benefit from the years of experience and the high quality standard that we offer at multiple locations with motivated staff.