ISP Platform

ISP Platform

Failsafe and powerful IT platform.

We will process your documents on the modern multi-client ISP IT platform in the Swiss Post computer centres. You will benefit from our considerable computing power and economies of scale without having to make IT investments yourself.

You deliver your physical or digital documents to a scanning centre or onto the electronic mailbox server. We do the rest. All information process services are processed on VMware server farms and returned to the customer via the ISP IT platform. Your advantages:

  • Large, efficient server farms
  • Cost sharing: The costs of backups, fail-safe operation, infrastructure and licences are divided across multiple customers. This lowers the costs for each individual customer
  • You save the costs of expensive licences
  • No investments are necessary
  • Peak loads can be handled while adhering to the SLA thanks to flexible working time models

Swiss banks and other large customers rely on our ISP IT platform – place your trust in our modern data processing system as well.