Concentrate on your core business.

End-to-end transparency and measurable service quality criteria: with Swiss Post Solutions' mailroom services you can optimize your costs with more efficient mail processing and better staff utilization.

Do you want to hand over your internal mail services to a professional and optimize your document processes at the same time?

Increased efficiency in the mailroom

Based on your requirements and parameters (e.g. multiple locations) we will develop a customized concept with optimized document processes and clearly defined services:  

  • We will operate your mailroom by processing your incoming, internal and outgoing mail
  • We will gradually develop your physical mailroom into a digital information hub
  • We will either take over your employees and give them specific training or deploy our trained staff. You do not have to spend time recruiting personnel.

You save costs by deploying your employees optimally because the mailroom employees will handle various support services outside the two short but intensive mail processing times when your mail is delivered and posted. The costs are transparent, enabling you to plan them.

Utmost confidentiality

We guarantee you utmost confidentiality in handling your information and in-depth experience with over 80 customers in Switzerland.

Professionalize your mailroom & facility management with the Swiss market leader.