Market entry

Market entry

Successful expansion into new markets

Tapping into foreign markets is a complex challenge for businesses. To smooth the way, Swiss Post offers expert advice and innovative e-commerce solutions, including secure e-payment tools. Enjoy success in foreign markets with our comprehensive service offering for cross-border goods distribution, customs clearance and other administrative tasks.

Winning new market shares abroad is a tempting prospect. As a borderless sales channel, e-commerce makes this possible. With Swiss Post as a partner, you will have an ideal basis for successful market entry.

As a full service provider, we will handle fulfilment on your behalf – from the storage and shipment of goods to billing, payment services, collection and returns management. We can support you throughout the entire process:

  • Advice and support on obtaining information and permits from local authorities
  • Advice on customs and VAT issues
  • Knowledge transfer with respect to duty-exemption limits in the countries of origin and destination
  • Consulting, customer data analysis, shop strategy development
  • Handling of all implementation tasks, including programme and process planning, system and partner integration
  • Successful operation guaranteed thanks to continuous development, as well as monitoring, reporting, service management and data security
  • Full-service solution for distribution, including warehouse logistics, e-payment and shipping
  • Payment guarantee in selected countries thanks to secure incoming payments

Establish your business with Swiss Post's integrated e-shop solution, featuring secure payment solutions and cross-border goods distribution. Fulfilment can also be incorporated. With an online shop, you can reach new customer segments and boost your sales.