PickPost for mail order companies

Integrated PickPost for improved customer service

Many people are not at home when deliveries arrive. The solution to this is PickPost. With PickPost your customers can collect their parcels whenever and wherever they like.

Integrate PickPost into your ordering process. Then customers will receive the goods they order quickly and easily.

Your objective

Ordering, paying for and receiving parcels should be simple. Your customers should be able to select a PickPost collection point as their delivery address when placing their order.

Our solution

With the integrated PickPost service, customers can easily arrange for parcels to be delivered to a PickPost collection point. They no longer have to provide their customer number. The desired collection point can be selected easily on a map.

 Documentation for PickPost integration

The benefits for you

  • Your customers are satisfied because they receive their parcel at the first delivery attempt.
  • The delivery address does not need to be entered manually. Therefore it is always correct. Parcels can thus be dispatched without delay.
  • PickPost is a free service.


If you are interested in integrating PickPost into your ordering process, please contact your customer advisor. Alternatively, PickPost Customer Service will be happy to help:

Tel.: 0800 888 099