Zusatzangebote Pakete

Additional services

Other useful services

In addition to its basic services for parcels, Swiss Post has a range of established additional services. You can choose additional services for collection, posting, packaging, addressing or delivery to suit your requirements.

We offer business customers a variety of additional services for every aspect of mail consignments. Do you have parcels that need to be handled particularly carefully? Or do you want a delivery on Saturday or in the evening? Our versatile additional services can meet your specific requirements.

  •  Collection
    Additional services, parcels – all aspects of regular collections and collections on demand.
  •  Special delivery
    We can deliver parcels, letters or both together to you before the regular delivery round or at a time of your choice.
  •  Saturday and evening delivery
    Additional services for parcel deliveries on Saturday or in the evening (Mon–Fri)
  •  Retrieval
    Swiss Post will collect up to five standard parcels for you per order.
  •  Extra options
    Apart from the additional services, Swiss Post also offers other useful options.
  •  Delivery instructions
    Parcel delivery instructions: more service for your customers – and for you.
  •  Packaging
    Swiss Post you always have the correct type of packaging at h
  •  Parcel boxes
    Parcel boxes can be used to leave almost any parcel safely at its destination.