Collect parcels for return

Collect parcels for return

Would you like to retrieve a parcel which has already been delivered to a customer?

You can retrieve a maximum of five regular parcels per retrieval order. Simply enter the collection address and the desired collection date, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our postal carrier will collect the packaged goods at the agreed location (e.g. handover at reception or left by the front door) and affix your barcode.

Your customer then receives a receipt as confirmation of successful collection. If your customer has not left the parcel(s) out for collection or is not at home, notification of the failed collection attempt will be placed in their letterbox. This way, your customer can contact you and you can enter a new retrieval order.

Integrate our retrieval service into your homepage

Easy, customised, free – offer your cus-tomers even more convenience. The best is: There is no need for you to programme anything – just quickly integrate the landing page and off you go!   Fully integrated domicile collection/retrieval (PDF, 371 KB)

The main advantages:

  • Simple input screen
  • No contractual agreement required – also suitable for single orders
  • Delivery also possible to another address (e.g. logistics or repair centre)
  • Transparent archive list (Excel exports possible)
  • Consignment tracking directly from the archive list
  • Use of own reference names possible
  • Billing via monthly Swiss Post invoice