Delivery instructions

Exactly when, where and how you want

Swiss Post offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure that your parcel arrives at your chosen time and place, with the correct person, and under the conditions that you specify. By using the appropriate delivery instruction you can provide your customers with an impeccable service when delivering your product.

Delivery to a specific storey

Swiss Post can deliver the parcel to a specified location within a company.

Do not place in letterbox; deliver, notify!

Size permitting, parcels are usually placed in the letterbox. If you would like a parcel to be delivered to the front door, you can specify this when you hand it in for mailing.

Notify by phone

Would you like the recipient to be notified by phone in advance of the delivery? Swiss Post can see to this for you.

Place in letterbox or at front door

  • For sending bulk mailings (PostPac Promo)
  • For sending catalogues, PostPac Priority, PostPac Economy (cannot be combined with signature, insurance, COD or personal delivery)
  • Fee: free of charge (liability excluded)

Deliver content, take box back

A service for shippers of individual reusable containers. The reusable container is returned to the sender without delay.

Return item immediately

If a parcel cannot be delivered we will return it to the sender immediately. This is especially useful for perishable goods such as medicines, food, etc.

On-time delivery; deliver on …

We will deliver the parcel punctually on the desired date.

All items together

We only deliver multi-item consignments to the recipient once all the parcels have arrived.

Deposit item

With this delivery instruction, the sender can specify where the item should be deposited, e.g. in the garage, on the balcony, etc.

Take note of delivery information in the document pouch

  • Special instructions for delivery carriers (e.g. complete waybill)
  • Price: available on request

Show item; place in cellar (for VinoLog only)

With these delivery instructions, the sender can specify that the postal carrier should show the VinoLog consignment to the recipient and then take it down to the cellar.

Return empty items and items for recycling

We take back empty packaging or used goods for recycling.


  • As the sender, you can demand an exchange or return of devices or goods from your customers.
  • You can notify your customers in advance by text message and/or e-mail that their device will be exchanged or retrieved.

Do not deliver to mailbox or neighbour: do not leave anywhere

This delivery instruction ensures that your consignments are delivered only to the people who are entitled to accept them at the address given.


Delivery instructions are not permitted for the following addressing:

  • P.O. Box
  • Poste restante
  • PickPost
  • My Post 24