Additional services

Additional services

Additional services to meet specific requirements

Swiss Post has developed an attractive range of additional services to meet your specific requirements, from repackaging and price labelling through to quality control.

Additional service


Returns management, disposal Transportation, acceptance, processing, put-away and scrapping
Requesting delivery of orders placed with suppliers Requesting delivery of orders placed with the customer’s supplier
Fast throughput and extended delivery windows Receipt of goods in under 12 hours
stock picking after 4.30 p.m.
same-day stock picking and delivery
Preparation of displays Stocking of sales stands
Sampling Assembly of samples
Provision of auxiliary staff Assistance with loading and unloading tasks
Sales channel-specific preparation of goods Price labelling, construction of sets, packaging service, quality control, shrink-wrapping, labelling, adding paper sleeves or customer-specific documentation
Customs declaration and clearance of goods Goods are cleared through customs directly at the logistics centre
Statistics, reporting -
Project management -
Service level agreement -
Cross-docking Checking and repackaging incoming goods, combining them with goods from other suppliers and preparing them for forwarding
Management of packaging materials/consumables Procurement, stockpiling of packaging materials/consumables