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Sustainability in logistics

Thinking of the future – today

As a leading logistics provider in Switzerland, PostLogistics can make a significant contribution to Swiss Post’s ecological, social, and economic sustainability. PostLogistics is striving to be the most energy-efficient company in the Swiss logistics market and one of the best in Europe.

Swiss Post has set itself the target of increasing the CO2 efficiency of its services by at least 10% by 2016 (base year 2010). The proportion of eco-electricity is at least 5%.

PostLogistics contributes significantly to achieving this target. In the past few years, targeted measures have led to an improvement in CO2 efficiency at PostLogistics of around 13% based on 2010. PostLogistics would like to increase the CO2 efficiency by 24% per consignment by 2016 using other measures concerning the environment, climate protection, logistics concepts, market, and staff (base year 2010).