Distribution of free newspapers

Distribution of free newspapers

Delivered one working day after mailing

Swiss Post distributes free newspapers to all households in a predefined area. Prices depend on the frequency, mailing location and time, and weight of the newspaper.

Your free newspapers should be delivered with the same care as your addressed products. Distribution should be comprehensive. Official publications should also be distributed to letterboxes with "no advertising" stickers.

  • Solution for distributing regular unaddressed publications
  • Minimum publication frequency quarterly
  • Delivery possible on all workdays from Monday to Friday
  • Distributed the day after mailing
  • Nationwide delivery in all regions of Switzerland
  • Individual solutions at attractive prices
  • Offer not valid for campaign brochures/newspapers

This Swiss Post delivery solution guarantees comprehensive coverage throughout the distribution area. Distributing free newspapers together with addressed mail increases the impact of the medium.