Production of print media

Production of print media

Packaging and shipment in the best of hands

Your strength is the production of rich-content press product. Our strength is taking over the product at your ramp and shipping it reliably, safely and in flawless condition. Use our packaging and shipment services in full accordance with your needs.

We provide a whole range of services for the packaging and shipment of print media. The range has a modular structure, which means it can be used in a targeted manner depending on needs and own capacities. Naturally, we can adjust the services to your wishes and specific requirements.

The range focuses on the various shipment types aligned to the individual groups of recipients, ranging from single copy shipment to forwarding of entire pallets. Furthermore, we take care of the administrative and physical processing of all kinds of deliveries, including e.g. the interim storage of your products, handling of complaints and returns or agreeing to special requests from your readers.

Our goal is to satisfy your customers on your order and behalf.