1. Security check

Open the confidential e-mail in the inbox of your PostMail e-mail account.

For security reasons pickup invitations for IncaMail messages are always provided with a signature which you should check together with the sender in each case.

Since PostMail does not display the signature, it is recommended to manually check the certificate in question. The file smime.p7s which is needed here can be found in the attachment in the message footer. Make sure the sender is

More information on the digital signature and checking it manually:


2. Opening the confidential message:

In the e-mail footer select the check box on the left next to the attachment secure-email.html. Then in the drop down list with the name “Choose action…” select the option “Download to hard drive”.


3. Confirming opening

Confirm any dialogue for opening the message attachment by clicking on “OK”.

Please note that you have to register free of charge on a one-off basis in order to read secure e-mails via IncaMail. If you have not yet registered your e-mail address, you can find information on how to proceed at the following link: “ Help for not yet registered users"


4. Decrypting the message

If you have already registered your e-mail address for IncaMail, you will be asked in your web browser to decrypt the confidential message by clicking on “Open now”.


5. Authentication

To read the confidential e-mail you have to log in with your IncaMail ID or with your SuisseID.


6. Reading the message

After successfully logging on to IncaMail the decrypted e-mail opens in your web browser. In the footer you have the opportunity to save the message in decrypted form, to forward it or to reply to the sender with a confidential e-mail via IncaMail.