International projects

Know-how and technical help for post offices

Swiss Post supports postal organizations in developing countries, either directly or in close collaboration with the Universal Postal Union (UPU).

Post Office Notsé, Togo

Swiss Post has financed the installation of photovoltaic plants on postal buildings in Togo. The first plant was installed in February 2012 in Lomé Kégué and was followed in July 2013 with a second plant in Notsé. The projects were realized in collaboration with IAS (Ingénieurs & Architectes Solidaires, Genève). Since the beginning of December another plant has commenced operation in Notsé.

Notsé, Togo

In addition to concrete local development projects, Swiss Post also supports the Universal Postal Union in improving the quality of postal services worldwide and thus making the international postal network more efficient.We provide experts for projects abroad, support seminars financially and use our experience to train line managers.