Children and young people

Children and young people

From Christmas post to IT training

Children and young people matter a great deal to Swiss Post. For this reason, we support Pro Juventute and the beesmart initiative, provide schools with free equipment, launch educational projects for young people and help Santa out with the Christmas mail.

Pro Juventute

Swiss Post levies surcharges on its Pro Juventute postage stamps. With the money raised in this way, Pro Juventute supports children and young people, together with their parents, via a wide variety of different offerings and programmes.


Swiss Post provides schools with free age-appropriate teaching materials on the subject of communication, from kindergarten to commercial college level. PostDoc supports teaching that is interesting, varied and practical, and is tailored to cantonal curricula.

Santa Claus campaign

Each year Swiss Post receives around 18,000 letters from children addressed to Santa Claus. Swiss Post helps by sending these children a gift and a reply in their own language.

PostFinance Trophy

The "PostFinance Trophy", Switzerland's largest national school ice hockey tournament, inspires young

sportsmen and women.