Climate protection

"pro clima" – We’re acting now

Owing in particular to its transport services, Swiss Post operates an energy-intensive business. This means that we have a responsibility for climate protection. Thanks to climate protection measures, we reduced our CO2 emissions by more than 18,500 tonnes a year between 2011 and 2013. We are continuing to consolidate all further climate protection measures under the label "pro clima" – We’re acting now.

For the new strategy period, we have set ourselves the target of improving our CO2 efficiency by at least 10 percent by 2016 (base year 2010). In addition, we intend to cover at least 5 percent of our electricity requirements with green electricity. To this end, we rely especially on improved energy efficiency, new technologies and the promotion of renewable energy sources. This is how we intend to reach our target:

  • Expanding our electric car fleet to more than 7,000 vehicles by 2016
  • Optimizing routes and vehicle utilization
  • Training our drivers in eco-driving techniques
  • Constructing the new PostFinance headquarters in accordance with the MINERGIE-ECO® Standard, the PostParc in Berne in accordance with MINERGIE® requirements and the new Swiss Post headquarters in Wankdorf in accordance with the MINERGIE and SNBS standards.
  • Continually optimizing buildings and operations
  • Providing environmentally friendly customer solutions such as the "pro clima" mailing service
  • Raising awareness of and staff training in climate protection
  • Implementing pilot and flagship projects for alternative resources, renewable energies and innovative technologies
  • Independently verifying that objectives have been met through membership of WWF Climate Savers.