Climate-friendly rail transport

Climate-friendly rail transport

Swiss Post uses rail

Swiss Post uses rail transport wherever possible - for example for its own runs between the letter centres. This puts Swiss Post among the leaders internationally. Swiss Post develops attractive, climate-friendly offerings such as "Kombiverkehr" (multi-modal transport).

In reorganizing the parcel and letter centres, Swiss Post opted for combined transport with the focus on rail. At all new-build properties, optimum rail links were the top priority. Rail is used mainly for runs between the centres.

Swiss Post updates its fleet of track vehicles

Swiss Post's own fleet of track vehicles is constantly being updated with a view to making it more energy-efficient. Modern, high-performance vehicles, such as diesel locomotives with particulate filters and environmentally-compatible vehicles that run on both road and rail, achieve a substantial reduction in emissions.

Environmentally-friendly: "Kombiverkehr" cuts CO2 emissions

"Kombiverkehr" is the Swiss Post offering combining road and rail transport. It is ideal for customers who regularly transport containers of merchandise, commodities, bulk materials or hazardous goods.

Here’s how it works: we collect the goods and take them by truck to a transshipment platform, where they are loaded onto the track. The train company transports the goods to the next transshipment platform, where they are loaded onto a vehicle and immediately shipped to their destination. Every day, this saves thousands of kilometres by truck and reduces CO2 emissions.