pro clima for business customers
Good for the environment, good for your image

"pro clima" for business customers

Good for the environment, good for your image

Making your mail carbon-neutral benefits not only the environment, but your business as well.

The "pro clima" label allows you to signal to customers who receive your deliveries or correspondence that you are doing something to protect the environment. You can promote your company's image by mentioning the reductions in CO2 achieved through "pro clima" surcharges in your communications. In doing so, you will have no admin to deal with: At the beginning of each year, Swiss Post provides "pro clima" business customers with a certificate showing the amount of CO2 offset the year before.

As of 1 April 2012 Swiss Post will send all domestic letters carbon neutrally, and it will bear itself the "pro clima" surcharges for offsetting CO2.

Make the mail you send or have collected carbon-neutral

With the "pro clima" mailing option, you pay a small surcharge on top of the basic price of the service when you mail your consignment or as part of your customized mail solution.

Offering for contractual customers Inland

Services Surcharge
PostPac Priority and PostPac Economy; incl. Priority bulky goods and Economy bulky goods; PostPac Promo CHF 0.05
Swiss-Express Moon incl. bulky goods CHF 0.06
VinoLog consignments CHF 0.05
Small consignments CHF 0.43
Swiss Courier «Turbo», «Rapid», «Standard» (surcharge no long direct route) CHF 0.19
Swiss Courier «Turbo», «Rapid», «Standard» (surcharge long direct route) CHF 2.70
Swiss Courier «Lightning» CHF 0.27
Swiss Courier «Innight» CHF 0.19
Catalogues 1001g-2000g (CAT postal payment impression) CHF 0.04
Telephone Book CHF 0.03

Offering for contractual customers International

Services Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6
International letters (PRIORITY and ECONOMY) CHF 0.02 CHF 0.05        
PostPac International PRIORITY CHF 0.14 CHF 0.77 CHF 0.77 CHF 1.20 CHF 2.25 CHF 3.79
PostPac International ECONOMY CHF 0.11 CHF 0.73 CHF 0.73 CHF 1.20 CHF 2.25 CHF 3.79
European Business Parcel (GLS) CHF 0.29 CHF 0.30 CHF 0.30 CHF 0.45    
Small consignments CHF 1.83          
Business Mail PRIORITY und ECONOMY, Distance Selling Mail CHF 0.02 CHF 0.05        

For advice on how you can make your consignments carbon-neutral simply contact our customer advisors.