Waste disposal gas power plant in Turkey

Gases from the waste disposal power plant generate clean electricity.

Gases are collected at the Mamak waste disposal plant in Ankara province, and organic and syngas are produced. Gas engines use it to produce electricity. For this purpose the disposal site was covered, a gravitational water drainage system was developed, and a sorting and recycling centre set up. The plant supplements conventional power plants in the region and thus reduces greenhouse gas emissions thanks to renewable energies.


Ecological benefit

The closed disposal site prevents the release of methane gas, a very harmful greenhouse gas. The gravitational water drainage system prevents contamination of the soil and neighbouring watercourses. The waste heat is used to heat greenhouses in which vegetables are grown. The green area on the covered disposal site with more than 4,000 newly planted trees enhances the landscape.

Thanks to this project, an average of 400,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases are avoided each year (CO2 equivalent). Swiss Post purchases a stake in this total volume with the «pro clima» surcharges.

Economic benefit

Around 200 employees are needed to operate the waste disposal site, and they receive special training for operation and maintenance of the plant.

Social benefit

The covered waste disposal site prevents uncontrolled gas explosions and odour emissions. The plant is a prime example of waste management in Turkey. Together with the local authorities the operators launched a sensitization campaign for the local population on recycling and waste management.