pro clima – Shipment: Domestic letters are 100% carbon neutral

"pro clima"-Shipment: Domestic letters are 100% carbon neutral

Swiss Post is setting an example for climate protection with its letter mail service: The processing and dispatching of addressed letters in Switzerland is 100% carbon neutral. This is achieved by reducing and offsetting CO2 emissions. In this way, the letter is distinguished by yet another quality feature.

Swiss Post is pursuing a consistent climate protection strategy: It is reducing energy consumption, is placing stakes on renewable sources of energy and is offsetting CO2 emissions. Swiss Post is now taking a further step in the letter business: On 1 April 2012, Swiss Post began dispatching all domestic letters carbon neutrally and has agreed to pay the "pro clima" surcharges by way of CO2 compensation. By doing so, Swiss Post is devising further climate-protective measures in the field of letter dispatching. Good examples are the complete move to electric scooters by 2016, or rail transport for linking sorting offices.

Another reason in favour of the physical letter

A physical letter has a positive impact on the receiver. Introducing the carbon neutral dispatching system means that both sender and receiver have yet another reason to place stakes on the advantages of communicating by letter: Thanks to Swiss Post's climate-protective measures, the letter is now a fully effective and carbon neutral means of communication.

Commit yourselves with us

You too can set an example and benefit from Swiss Post's commitment to climate protection. Thanks to the "pro clima"-Shipment label overprint which is stamped on your domestic letters, you are consolidating your own activity in the sustainability field. We will be happy to provide you with "pro clima"-Shipment labels for marking your domestic letters.