Modern working conditions

Modern working conditions

Swiss Post: an attractive employer

Over 62,000 people from more than 100 countries work in over 100 different occupations at Swiss Post. They bring with them a wide variety of skills and experiences – and their own individual aspirations. Swiss Post offers progressive working conditions that accommodate this diversity.

Our diverse workforce reflects our diverse customer base. With mixed teams we increase our expertise, our innovation potential and our understanding of Swiss Post's different fields of business.

So „managing diversity“ means a lot more to us than just equal pay or the advancement of women. It also involves different generations, cultures, nationalities, lifestyles and integrating people with disabilities.

Modern working time models

Finding a work-life balance is becoming increasingly important for many people. For this reason, we favour modern working time models such as:

  • flexitime
  • part-time working
  • annual working hours
  • job sharing
  • teleworking.

Almost half our employees currently work part-time – in other words, less than 90 percent of full-time hours. This includes increasing numbers of men.

Mixed teams to the fore

We value our employees' knowledge and experience. So that they stay motivated, we advocate teams made up of a mix of ages, and promote occupational health. We have introduced maximum flexibility in the choice of retirement age – employees can choose to retire anywhere between the ages of 58 and 67. Semi-retirement is also possible.