Achieving more in collaboration

Achieving more in collaboration

Swiss Post enters into partnerships

Swiss Post networks with organizations around the world that are committed to environmental, economic or social sustainability.

Swiss Post participates in initiatives and works together with not-for-profit organizations, foundations and associations. Our most important partnerships include:

Partner Name
Logo act


act is an association which supports the economy in the efficient use of resources. act is backed by swisscleantech, the myclimate foundation, Energie Zukunft Schweiz, the Swiss Agency for Efficient Energy Use (S.A.F.E.) and WWF Switzerland. The Swiss Confederation has commissioned act to support the implementation of climate and energy legislation. In order to fulfil its obligations in accordance with legislation governing large-scale consumers in the cantons, Swiss Post and act are compiling and supervising a universal target agreement in compliance with the Swiss Confederation’s energy legislation. Swiss Post is using this as an opportunity to reduce energy consumption at all its locations and by doing so, to reduce emissions and costs, and conserve resources.

naturemade star/basic

Association for Environmentally Sound Energy (VUE)

As a VUE member, Swiss Post supports the promotion of renewable energies and ecological energy products.


2 x Christmas initiative

2 x Christmas is a charitable campaign conducted jointly by the Swiss Red Cross, SRG SSR and Swiss Post.

Fair Wear Foundation

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF)

In 2012, Swiss Post became the first major company in Switzerland to join the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). In 2014, Swiss Post achieved top "Leader" status, thus setting an example for other Swiss companies. By becoming a member of this global organisation, Swiss Post is committed to the strict inspection and sustainable implementation of social standards at its clothing suppliers. The focus is on socially responsible working conditions at the production sites. Every year, Swiss Post sends 300,000 items of clothing to its 38,000 employees who wear Swiss Post clothing. Swiss Post has been awarded 2012’s Swiss Ethics Prize for joining the Fair Wear Foundation. This prize is awarded every year by the Haute Ecole d’Ingénierie et de Gestion du Canton de Vaud.

Green Freight

Green Freight Europe

Green Freight Europe is a voluntary and independent initiative that aims to improve environmental performance of road freight transport in Europe. Thanks to increased transparency in the reporting of greenhouse gas emissions, potential for improvements can be identified. Swiss Post has earned the "leaf 1" label, the highest label currently awarded by GFE.

Logo Klimaplattform der Wirtschaft

Klimaplattform der Wirtschaft

Klimaplattform der Wirtschaft (Climate Platform for Business) is a special type of public-private partnership. The City of Berne and 54 partner companies have teamed up with the common goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. It is different from traditional partnerships between the public sector and private enterprise in that Klimaplattform der Wirtschaft is based on voluntary participation. Although no written agreements are necessary, all partners are expected to implement at least one new project every second year.

Fairtrade Max Havelaar

Max Havelaar

The staff restaurants at Swiss Post serve only coffee with the Fairtrade Max Havelaar label, and also stock other Fairtrade certified products. Thanks to Max Havelaar Fairtrade, small farmers can sell their coffee at fair prices, thereby improving their living conditions by their own efforts.

öbu - works of sustainability


Through its membership of the Öbu network, Swiss Post participates in a think tank devoted to discussions of environmental, social and management issues. Öbu implements projects in business and politics and promotes the exchange of experience between its members. It is committed to a policy framework that renders profitable the efforts of businesses in the area of sustainability.

Post Europ

International Post Corporation

Postal-sector climate protection initiatives

We participate in the initiatives of PostEurop and International Post Corporation (IPC). Together, we set international standards for the sector and cut the CO2 emissions attributable to postal services. By 2020, the international postal sector wishes to reduce its CO2 emissions by at least 20 percent compared with 2008 levels.

Pro Juventute

Pro Patria

Pro Patria and Pro Juventute

We support these two foundations in the design and sale of their stamps. Pro Patria uses the surcharges levied mainly for cultural projects. Pro Juventute works to meet the needs and protect the rights of children and young people in Switzerland.

Schweizer Forum Elektromobilität

Swiss Forum for Electric Mobility

With its sponsorship of the Congress of the Swiss Forum for Electric Mobility, Swiss Post supports the coordination of a range of activities leading to the efficient, user-friendly and sustainable electrification of road transport in Switzerland.


Union Internationale des Transports Publics (UITP) Charter on Sustainable Development

PostBus has signed the UITP Charter on Sustainable Development, which has the following aims: to reduce environmental impacts and CO2 emissions; to achieve social justice; and to promote economically sustainable transport systems.

United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)

United Nations Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) is a worldwide pact between companies and the UN to make globalization more socially and ecologically responsible. Companies must align their business activities and strategies with ten universally accepted principles relating to human rights, employment standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption measures. For Swiss Post, joining the pact is yet another important commitment to making sustainability an integral part of its corporate and management culture.


UPU - Universal Postal Union

Universal Postal Union

We support postal organizations in developing countries, either directly or in close cooperation with the Universal Postal Union.

wwf climate savers

WWF Climate Savers

Swiss Post has been committed to the WWF Climate Group since 2009 and will be continuing this commitment from January 2013 as a member of WWF Climate Savers, and thus undertakes to make a substantial contribution to climate protection. In accordance with its sustainability strategy, with the focus on climate protection, Swiss Post has committed itself to offering climate-friendly products and services, promoting vehicles with alternative drive technologies and implementing other measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.