Creating transparency

Standards ensure quality and sustainability

Swiss Post operates to economic, ethical, social and environmental standards. And it expects its partners and suppliers to do the same.

Corporate governance

Swiss Post is guided by SWX Swiss Exchange’s Directive on Information Relating to Corporate Governance and the recommendations of the Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance issued by economiesuisse.

Sustainable procurement

Suppliers must comply with Swiss Post's social and ethical code. Among other things, this requires that they uphold human rights, prohibit child labour, pay a fair wage and observe Swiss Post's environmental principles.

By becoming a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, a global organisation, Swiss Post is committed to the strict inspection and sustainable implementation of social standards at its clothing suppliers.

In the environmental arena, we rely on standards such as FSC certification for paper and the energy label for electrical appliances. Swiss Post has pledged to construct all new build-properties in accordance with the Minergie Standard.

Rules on how to deal with areas of risk

In binding rules and directives, Swiss Post stipulates how its employees should deal with areas of risk such as data protection, procurement, anti-corruption, cartel law and money laundering.

Environmental standards

Swiss Post implements its sustainability strategy in accordance with an environmental management system. Some Group units are certified to ISO 14001. We calculate the environmental impact of Swiss Post's processes and products by means of eco-audits. Our audited greenhouse gas performance is based on the WBCSD / WRI Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064.

Sustainability reporting

Since 2006, Swiss Post has produced a sustainability report in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative guidelines as part of its integrated financial reporting.