Using resources prudently

Using resources prudently

Swiss Post cares about the environment

Swiss Post focuses its sustainability strategy on climate protection. But Swiss Post's environmental responsibilities include much more than this.

As well as our commitment to climate protection, we want to consistently reduce the environmental impact of our operations. We are therefore introducing eco-friendly regulations for paper, waste, mobility, electrical equipment and information technology. Added to this are a wide variety of measures:

  • Training course on ecology for all Swiss Post employees.
  • Eco-cleaning with the use of microfibre cloths in Swiss Post premises.
  • Water-saving taps and toilets.
  • "Green roofing" of our letter centres.

Systematic environmental action

Swiss Post implements its environmental objectives in line with an environmental management system. Individual units are certified in accordance with ISO14001. We are recording the environmental impact of Swiss Post processes and products via eco-balance.