Equipment and information technology

Equipment and information technology

Swiss Post believes in using energy-efficient electronics

Swiss Post saves energy by using the latest technology. When we buy electrical equipment, we pay attention to standards such as energy labels. By using "green IT", we are opting to use technology that is environmentally friendly and conserves resources.

We procure equipment, including air conditioning units, with an energy efficiency rating of A. The refrigerators we use for food have an energy efficiency rating of A++. We install CO2-efficient heating systems into new and renovated buildings. Swiss Post uses energy-saving light bulbs.

"Green IT" – energy-efficient information technology

Information technology consumes a huge amount of energy. Computer centres are major energy consumers, for example. And so are our numerous individual workstations. Swiss Post has succeeded in steadily reducing its energy consumption by investing in more economical servers, PC, laptops and screens. When buying equipment, we also look out for aspects such as noise pollution, heat emissions, harmful substances, recycling and disposal.

Virtual servers

By using virtualization technology, Swiss Post has been able to significantly reduce the number of servers it uses. The energy and cooling requirements of its IT installations have fallen proportionately, benefiting the environment.